motorpark experience bmw m235

MotorPark Experience BMW M235


 BMW M235i x-drive

- 305 HP

- Displacement: 2000 cmc

- Max. speed: 250 km/h

- 0-100 km/h: 5.4 s

- Automatic gearbox with 8 gears

- Video here:



 900 RON


The offer includes:

- 4 laps with BMW M235i x-drive

- instructor on the right seat, for a full experience on the track

- transponder for time keeping

- the MotorPark official result with the best time

- MotorPark Experience participation diploma


Supplementary services*:

- passenger on the back seat - 50 RON/ person (max. 2 persons)

- filming the experience (viewing the track from the windshield) - 50 RON

   * It is paid separately at the track according to availability



1. The offer can be purchased only by order at After sending your data (beneficiary's name, buyer's name, phone), you will receive an account number where the voucher value must be paid - it can be made by internet banking. After the payment is confirmed, you will receive the voucher. The voucher has de availability date mentioned on it

2. The beneficiary must book the date in advance, the contact data being written on the voucher.

3. The offer is available only on MotorPark Experience events. These events are programmed, usually, 2 times per month (during the season), the most of the times during the week.

4. The total number of laps is 4 in total (warm-up lap + 2 timed laps + cool down lap). One lap has approx. 4.2 km

5. The car in the picture is only for presentation. The actual car may differ as colour from the car presented, but has the same characteristics.

6. In some days, the offer can be or can be not available. We will send you a confirmation regarding the availability.

7. All the time, a pilot will be next to the driver.

8. The voucher beneficiary must have a valid B driving license.

9. The cars are not covered by any insurance on the track. The beneficiary of the voucher agrees to pay the damages produced to the car and third parties if an accident occurs.

10. If the car is not available for a longer period, the beneficiary will agree to accept other car (other make) with the same or better characteristics. There is no additional payment in this case.

11. The unused vouchers until the date written on them, they expire and their value can not be returned.

12. We are reserving the right to change some services in the offer, subject to availability.


- The order should be sent to

- Don't forget to specify the following

   - The name of the experience (MotorPark Experience BMW)

   - The beneficiary's name (will be written on the voucher and on his name the reservation will be made. The voucher is in English language

   - Tha name of the payer (to check the payment with the bank)

   - A contact phone number for the payer

   - If you want the invoice to be issued on a company's name, please send the following: Company name, Company Registration Number, VAT number, address.