motorpark experience full

MotorPark Experience FULL

MotorPark Experience Full

FULL Track Experience

- Theory (explanations)

- Defensive driving exercises

- 2 speed sessions (with BMW + Porsche)

- Skid session

- Off-road session (with Dacia Duster)



  7900 RON/ person - minimum 5 persons


The experience includes:

  1. Theory

Racing driving theory, mass transfer and safety on the track, interception trajectory, escape trajectory, points sensitive to spinning


  1. Defensive driving exercises

This exercise consists in learning the correct position of the hands on the steering wheel and getting familiar with the car's behavior during mass transfer. Also, the combination with emergency braking teaches the maximum exploitation of the braking performance of a car. The session contains 2 passes per person.?


  1. Lap challenge

The Lap Challenge is perhaps the most enjoyable part of being on a track, speeding with the safety of an instructor on the right seat. 4 laps of the track will be a unique experience behind the wheel of Porsche Cayman with rear-wheel drive or BMW M235 with all-wheel drive. Each person will ride in both cars.?


  1. Skid Session

The skid car allows a sudden loss of grip of the rear axle, even at low speed, for familiarization with the counter-steering technique and its synchronization with acceleration in unsafe conditions?.


  1. Offroad 

The off-road cars will go to several paths around the circuit on rough roads so that each of the participants can see how a car can be controlled in difficult track conditions. Ride with Dacia Duster 4x4.


  1. Lap challenge - second session

Second track driving session with BMW and Porsche to finish off the day perfectly.


Supplementary services*:

- professional photographer - 1250 RON



1. The package can be ordered at

2. The package is flexible, being able to add extra experiences or to be modified according to the requirements of the beneficiaries

3. The package can only be scheduled on free days of the circuit, during the week.

4. The number of circuit laps is 4 x 2 with each car separately (warm-up lap + 2 timed laps + cool down lap) x 2. A circuit lap is approx. 4.2 km

5. The cars in the photo are for presentation purposes.

6. On certain days, packages may or may not be available. At the time of your request, we will confirm their availability.

7. An instructor will be on the right of the driver all the time.

8. Beneficiaries must have a B driving license

9. The cars are not covered by insurance on the track. Thus, the beneficiaries agree to pay the necessary repairs following the damage they caused both to the car and to third parties.

10. If one of the cars is unavailable for a longer period, the beneficiaries will agree to accept another car (another brand) with the same or better characteristics. There is no additional payment in this case.

11. We reserve the right to change certain options in the offer, depending on availability



- The order must be sent to

- Do not forget to specify the following

   - package name (MotorPark Experience FULL)

   - the names of the beneficiaries

   - name of the payer (to be able to track the payment)

   - a telephone number of the payer

   - if you need an invoice on the company name, please send the company's data (name, VAT, Trade Register number, address)