willi motorsport racing school

Willi Motorsport Racing School

Complex race driving school for all motorsport fans, of any age.

The classes can start at the age of 12 (with the written approval of the parents/tutors and certified medical approval for motorsport) and have no maximum age limit. We are targeting both the young who dream of a career in motorsport and the amateurs who want to improve their driving performances and reflexes or who want to discover they race driver abilities.

Among the elements taught by our instructors there are the attack of the curves, safety techniques, ideal traces, braking techniques on wet or dry track.

For classes we use VW Lupo Cup 1600 cc/140 HP, specially prepared for track, with roll-bars, H&R race pro suspension, special fire extinguishers, Sparco racing seats with FIA homologation and racing  brakes.

We want to offer you a pleasant and safe experience on the race track!

The street is not a race track – this is why we encourage all speed and adrenaline fans to test their abilities and reflexes in a safe and organized environment where they will not jeopardize their safety or the safety or other traffic participants.

 For information regarding pricing and class schedule please contact WILLIMSPORT instructors:

+4 0744 644 231